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Cam Pha city

2/25/2011 3:54:31 PM

Cửa Ông coal port

Area: 339 sq km.
Population: 160,745 habitants (year 2006).
People density: 474 persons/sq km.


Cẩm Phả city contains 16 wards (Mông Dương, Cửa Ông, Cẩm Thịnh, Cẩm Phú, Cẩm Sơn, Cẩm Đông, Cẩm Tây, Cẩm Thành, Cẩm Trung, Cẩm Thuỷ, Cẩm Thạch, Quang Hanh and 4 districts (Cộng Hoà, Dương Huy, Cẩm Bình, Cẩm Hải). Located on the east of Hạ Long city, the city borders Ba Chẽ district to the north, Tiên Yên district and Vân Đồn district to the east and Bái Tử Long bay to the south.

Cẩm Phả habitants belong to different ethnic groups such as Việt, Tày, Dao, Sán Dìu, Sán Chỉ, and Chinese. Almost all people here follow Buddhism; the rest respects Christianity and Cao Đài.

There are several famous beauty spots and historical sites in Cẩm Phả namely Cửa Ông temple, Rều island (Monkey island), Thẻ Vàng island, Vũng Đục historical site, Hang Hanh cave, etc.

Cẩm Phả is an industrial city where coal exploitation industry makes up big proportion in the economic structure. Besides agriculture, forestry and fisheries, there are other industries namely mineral water exploitation, rock exploitation, lime production, sea port industry and so on./.


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