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The province has the shape of an oblique rectangle inclined in a northeast-to-southwest direction. To the west, the province borders an extended forest and mountain region. To the east, it is adjacent to the Gulf of Bắc Bộ.


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Quảng Ninh is a mountainous and coastal province, with more than 80% of its area being made up of mountains and hills.


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Quảng Ninh's climate not only stands for symbolic of the climate in the North Vietnam; featuring all four seasons but also owns some features of a coastal mountainous province. The climate in some islands in Cô Tô and Vân Đồn Districts typifies ocean one.


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In Quảng Ninh, there are thirty numerous rivers and springs, but most are short and small. The area of basin is not over 300km2, of which four big rivers are lower river of Thái Binh river, Ka Long river, Tiên Yên river and Ba Chẽ river. Each of the river or part of river owns lots of branches which mostly are rectangular with the main rivers.


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The population of Quang Ninh is over 1 million people at present, ranking medium for other cities and provinces in Vietnam (1,091,846 people in 2006).

Ethnic groups

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Ethnologically, Quảng Ninh is made up of 22 ethnic groups, but only 6 have a population of over 1,000. These groups live in their own communities, and have their own dialects and particular ethnic features.


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Quang Ninh has a long term culture. Ha Long culture recorded in history as an evolutionary landmark of the Vietnamese. Like other localities, Quang Ninh people follow some religion and beliefs such as Buddhism, Christianity, ancestor worship and some other beliefs.

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