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Vocational school system

2/25/2011 2:49:53 PM

Quảng Ninh has 25 training institutions including 01 university, 05 colleges, 02 vocational colleges, 04 secondary schools and 03 secondary vocational training schools.


2/25/2011 2:46:30 PM

The medical system in Quảng Ninh can meet the demand of not only local people but domestic and international visitors.


2/25/2011 2:42:48 PM

Quảng Ninh has 638 hotels, guest houses including 02 five-star hotels, 05 four-star hotels, 10 three-star hotels, 35 hotels of one star and two stars, 632 mini hotels and guest houses


2/25/2011 2:38:30 PM

Domestic and international insurance companies have considered Quảng Ninh a comparative market with many types of service, categories and customers.

Banking system

2/25/2011 2:34:01 PM

Banks in Quảng Ninh has already joined in Swift global finance network. They also provide the service of Internet Banking, Phone Banking and international payment via L/C which can meet the demand of foreign currency translation and serve all customers.

Water supply system

2/25/2011 2:24:02 PM

Quảng Ninh has 69 lakes and dykes of different types with the total reserve of 222 million m3.

Electricity supply system

2/25/2011 2:19:31 PM

This system can meet the demand of production and service in the province. There are 7 stations of 110KV with the total capacity of 154 MVA and 2 stations of 220 KV with the total capacity of 250 MVA.

Telecommunication system

2/25/2011 2:14:08 PM

The post and telecommunication system has reached the international standard which can meet all the demand for information

Transportation system

2/25/2011 2:11:39 PM

Quảng Ninh's road system is considered the important blood vessel of the way from northern provinces and cities to other localities nationwide.

Enterprise system

2/25/2011 2:08:06 PM

Up to November 20, 2008, there are 4,675 registered enterprises in Quảng Ninh with the total registered capital of VND 50,417 billion.

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