Mushroom season in Tien Yen district
18/02/2020 09: 51:00
The mushroom seasons in Tien Yen district falls from March to May and from August to October in the lunar calendar. It is only found in natural forests in Ha Lau and Phong Du communes. Mushroom cultivation is becoming a new job for the local people and help to raise their awareness of protecting the natural ...
Quang Ninh donates medical supplies to China's Fangcheng prefecture
18/02/2020 09: 48:00
Mong Cai City People’s Committee on Feb. 17 donated medical supplies including 20,000 face masks, 3,000 pairs of gloves and 500 kilograms of disinfectants to Fangcheng prefecture (China) to help them deal with the Covid-19 ...
10,000 face masks gifted to Guangxi Broadcasting Station and Daily Newspaper
18/02/2020 09: 45:00
On February 17, at Mong Cai International Border Gate, representatives of Vietnam's Quang Ninh Media Group (QMG) presented 10,000 medical face masks to Guangxi Radio and Television Broadcasting Station and Guangxi Daily Media Group (China), to support the fight against the Covid-19 ...
Four more consignments imported and exported via Bac Luan Bridge II
17/02/2020 09: 18:00
Of which, the two exported consignments includes 2 containers carrying cotton fiber of Texhong Ngan Ha Science and Technology Lt.d, in Hai Ha Industrial park and 20,000 face masks of Texhong Ngan Ha Science and Technology Ltd., in Mong Cai ...
Quang Ninh donates 50,000 face masks to Guangxi's Transport Department
14/02/2020 09: 21:00
On February 13, the representative of Quang Ninh Transport Department granted 50,000 face masks to Guangxi province’s Transport ...
Quang Ninh's Vice Chairman inspects preparatory work for customs clearance resume
14/02/2020 09: 20:00
On Feb. 12, in Mong Cai city, Quang Ninh’s Vice Chairman Bui Van Khang inspected the preparatory works for the resume of customs clearance of goods via the border, in association with strictly deploying measures to prevent and control the acute respiratory disease caused by ...
First consignment imported via Bac Luan 2 Bridge II after customs clearance resume
14/02/2020 09: 16:00
The first consignment including 22 packages of filament yarn of Texhong Ngan Ha Science and Technology Ltd., Co in Hai Ha Seaport Industrial Park was imported via Bac Luan Bridge II on February 13, after the resume of customs ...
Mong Cai granted medical supplies to China's Dongxing city
13/02/2020 07: 05:00
Quang Ninh's Secretary Nguyen Xuan Ky inspects key projects in Ha Long city
12/02/2020 09: 11:00
On Feb. 11, Quang Ninh Provincial Party’s Committee Secretary cum Chairman of Provincial People’s Council Nguyen Xuan Ky inspected the current state of land use of Cai Lan Industrial Park and the preparatory work of some key projects in Ha Long City, including “the road connecting Cai Lan Industrial Park crossing Viet Hung Industrial Park to Ha Long - Van Don Expressway" and "Cua Luc bridge ...
Quang Ninh offers China's Fangcheng prefecture medical supplies to fight coronavirus epidemic
12/02/2020 09: 08:00
On behalf of Binh Lieu district People's Committee, Vice Chairman of the district Do Xuan Truong gave 20,000 medical masks and 250kg of disinfectants to the people of Fangcheng prefecture of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region's Fangchenggang city (China), to help them deal with the fast-spreading new corona virus ...
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