Quang Ninh’s population growth rate of 1.66% is lower than the national population growth rate (2.14%) and the global population growth rate (1.7%). However, the rate is not the same among areas within the province. In Ha Long city, the rate is only 1.29% but it goes up faster in mountainous areas like Ba Che (2.5%), Tien Yen (2.7%) and Co To (2.44%).

Quang Ninh population structure has some typical features.

“Young population” is considered the first feature. The rate of children under 15 years old accounts for 37.5%, the rate of old people over 60 years old (for men) and over 55 years old (for women) is 7.1%. The rate of children under the working age is up to 45% in mountainous districts. The second typical feature is that the number of male (50.9%) is more than that of female (49.1%). This rate is even higher the national one in some mining towns, for example in Cam Pha, male 53.2% and female 46.8%.

The average population density is 180 people/km2 but the density differs among areas. Urban areas and western districts are quite crowded, for instance, in Ha Long city, it is 739 people/km2. Quang Yen district 415 people/km2, Dong Trieu district 390 people/km2. Whereas, in Ba Che district, it is 30 people/km2, Van Don 74 people/km2./.

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