It features a meandering coastline, numerous estuaries and tidal flats and more than 2,000 large and small islands. Exactly 1,030 of these have been named.

Quang Ninh's coordinates are longitude 106º25' to 108º25' east and latitude 20º40' to 21º40' north. Its width from east to west is 195 km (at the widest part). The total length from north to south is 102 km. The northernmost point is in mountain range at Mo Toong village (Hoanh Mo Commune, Binh Lieu District. The southernmost point is in Ha Mai Island (Ngoc Vung Commune, Van Ðon District). The westernmost point is in Vang Chua River (Binh Duong and Nguyen Hue communes, Dong Trieu District). The easternmost point is inland at Got Cape, northeast of Tra Co Commune, Mong Cai Town.

Quang Ninh has a common international border with the People’s Republic of China. Inland, north of province (Binh Liêu, Hai Ha district and Mong Cai borders Fang Cheng District and Dongxin Town in Guangxi Province, PRC with the borderline of 118.825 km. To the east, it adjuncts to Northern Gulf. The province also borders the provinces of Lang Son, Bac Giang and Hai Duong to the west, and the city of Hai Phong to the south. The coastal line is 250 km.

The total area of Quang Ninh is 611,081.3 hectares (up to October 1, 1998), of which 243,833.2 hectares is agricultural land, 36,513 hectares is specially use land, 6,815.9 hectares is homestead land and 268,158.3 hectares is unused land.
(1 hectare = 0.01 (10−2) km2)


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