Quang Ninh's Party Secretary Nguyen Van Doc: Turning Ha Long into an international integrated city

21/02/2019 09:35 00

The Secretary of the provincial Party’s Committee cum the Chairman of the People’s Council, Nguyen Van Doc, hosted a meeting last week with the Standing Committee of Ha Long Party Committee to comprehensively review the city’s achievements in 2018 and its orientation for 2019.

As reported by the Party Committee of Ha Long, in 2018, the city fully implemented all of the guidelines issued by the province and accomplised 14/14 targets set by the Party Executive Committee of Ha Long, some of which even surpassed the estimated plan.


Particularly, the city saw an increase in the value of three economic sectors including service, industry-construction and agriculture-forestry-fishing. The service sector witnessed the highest rise of 20 percent year on year. The investment environment continued to improve considerably. The state budget revenue in the city (including import-export revenue) was the highest among the localities in the province and accounted for 52% of the province’s total state budget revenue.


Ha Long also fulfiled 17 out of 19 targets set in the Resolution of the 24th municipal Party Congress. The two missions failed were the forest coverage rate and the number of schools satisfying national standards.


At the meeting, a range of comments and ideas were raised by participants with a view to review the city’s positive and negative outcomes in the year of 2018 and proposed various solutions to boost its socio-economic development from now on.


To conclude the meeting, the Secretary of the provincial Party Committee cum the Chairman of the provincial People’s Council Nguyen Van Doc  highly appreciated the great efforts of the city’s leaders, businesses and people  to successfully accomplish a lot of important tasks in recent years, contributing to facilitating the province’s socio-economic development.


Defining Ha Long’s great potentials and strengths, he underlined the city’s ultimate goal of emerging as an international integrated city and a world-class tourism and service city.


Therefore, he reminded the city to pay special attention to the sustainability and long-term vision of its development plans and strategies.


In order to meet the development targets set for the year of 2019, the city’s authorities should focus on a number of key missons such as ensuring the efficiency of state budget collection, implementing smart city projects, developing Ha Long native culture, devoting more attention to education and training, promoting tourism management, maintaining firm disciplines among civil servants, guranteeing social order and security, etc.


Additionally, the construction of infrastructure system, especially in field of tourism and service, should be given more priority. The control of land use right and urban management must be tightened.


The city also has to take all of the issues related to enviornment protection into full consideraton, especially the enviornment in Ha Long Bay and within urban and residential areas as well.

Artilce by Hong Nhung

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