Quang Ninh faces an extreme cold wave

08/01/2021 17:45

Like other northern provinces, Quang Ninh has been bracing for an intense cold wave since Jan. 8.

According to the Provincial Hydrometeorology Station, the average temperature in Quang Ninh ranged from 8 to 11 degree Celcius this morning. It was only 4-7 degree Celcius in some mountainous districts such as Binh Lieu, Ba Che, Dam Ha, etc. The cold may result in frost in upland territories.

As the temperature declines to below 10 °C, kindergarten kids and primary shool students are allowed to stay at home.

The primary school of Ba Che in the mountainous district of Ba Che closed today.

Children are kept warm in order to prevent several respiratory diseases in this cold season.

Outdoor laborers such as sellers, taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers burns firewood to warm themselves in the cold winter.

Sellers at Binh Lieu market are covering themselves up to cope with the cold weather.

Livestock and crops in the highland areas of Tien Yen district have been protected by farmers by using windbreak fences and keeping animals warm with straw.

Livestocks in Ba Che district are fed more nutritious meals so that the animals can cope with the cold.

Terraria in Tien Yen are protected from frost.

Translated by Phuong Loan

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