628 import-export enterprises plied their trade through Mong Cai border gate

15/09/2022 16:07

According to statistics issued by Mong Cai Border Gate Customs Branch (Quang Ninh Customs Department), as many as 628 enterprises have successfully carried out import-export activities through border gates and openings in Quang Ninh’s Mong Cai city since the beggining of this year.

Mong Cai city's Bac Luan Bridge II Border Gate

The Mong Cai border gate Customs Branch had handled 22,131 customs declarations, with a total import-export turnover of US$2,143.55 billion, by September 9.


The export turnover reached US$956.06 million while the import one was US$ 1,187.49 million.


Mong Cai border gate is one of the most important international border gates in the Vietnam and China trade relationship. 


Mong Cai authorities and the Mong Cai border gate Customs Branch have drastically implemented various solutions to help businesses and traders successfully maintain their import-export activities while effectively preventing Covid-19 pademic.

By Huu Viet

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