Conquering Cao Xiem mountain

30/09/2022 16:08

With an altitude of 1,429m above sea level, Mt Cao Xiem is famous for its primitive and breathtaking landscape. It’s an ideal time for tourists to conquer the mountain and experience the exeptional feeling of the cold on the top of the mountain considered the roof of Quang Ninh province.

There are several ways to reach the peak, but two routes including one from Cao Thang Village in Luc Hon Commune and one from Ngan Meo Village in Luc Hon Commune are the most favorable. It takes visitors about 1 hour to reach the top.


From the top of Cao Xiem, people can enjoy the panoramic views of a large area including the two districts of Hai Ha and Dam Ha and the Gulf of Tonkin to the east, the border of Vietnam - China to the west, Binh Lieu valley and Tien Yen district to the south. From the North slope, one can view the range of "brother mountain”, Cao Ly, and the majestic Quang Nam Chau mountains far beyond.

Young tourists conquer Cao Xiem, the "roof" of Quang Ninh

By Hoang Gai

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