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Applying Sciences and Technologies in improving quality of OCOP products
09/09/2019 14: 59:00
Developing production material areas, transferring technological advance, using intellectual property rights, labels, packages, barcodes, as well as products traceability have been outstanding results of the application of sciences and technologies in building brands and developing OCOP products since ...
Quang Ninh embraces a new wave of investment
07/09/2019 08: 23:00
Thanks to synchronous infrastructure ranging from highways, the international airport to cruise ports, which connect the province with the country’s economic centers, and the transparency in investment procedures and administrative reforms, Quang Ninh has embraced a new wave of investment. Investors have come to Quang Ninh with their big ...
Dong Trieu town orients to a modern urban
02/09/2019 15: 56:00
  In 2015, Dong Trieu was recognized as the urban area level 4 by the Prime Minister. After the recognition, the locality has been upgrading its urban look and expanding the town’s center space. Dong Trieu sets a target of becoming an urban area level 3 by 2020 and a modern city prior to ...
Cam Pha City develops green economy
02/09/2019 15: 55:00
  With the aim of promoting tourism potential and implementing province and city’s working theme “Improving the quality and efficiency of services” as well as gradually shifting from “brown” to “green” economic growth, Cam Pha has been making great efforts in carrying out measures to develop tourism into spearhead economic ...
Ha Long City ensures the disbursement progress of basic construction capital
02/09/2019 15: 52:00
According to the development planning approved by the Prime Minister, Ha Long City is intended to be an international-class tourism and service center. Thanks to different financial sources, the city priorities the development of urban infrastructure. In 2019, the municipality  allocates 2,592 billion VND on projects and construction ...
Conference on dissemination of EU-Viet Nam free trade agreement
30/08/2019 21: 18:00
 On August 28, in Ha Long City, Ministry of Industry and Trade and Quang Ninh Provincial People’s Committee organized a conference on dissemination of the EU-Viet Nam free trade agreement ...
Developing fishery into a spearhead economic sector
28/08/2019 14: 41:00
  After five years of implementing of the Resolution13-NQ/TU dated May 6th 2014 issued by Quang Ninh Provincial Party’s Committee on aquaculture development, provincial fishery sector has witnessed strong ...
Promoting advantages of logistics services
27/08/2019 15: 54:00
  With advantages of geographical location and modern and comprehensively-invested transport infrastructure, Quang Ninh is said a leading province in the North in term of industrial and services ...
Quang Ninh – a prosperous and beautiful province
27/08/2019 15: 52:00
  In his life, President Ho Chi Minh paid special and deep concern to Quang Ninh, the North-eastern border province of the country. He visited Quang Ninh nine times and hoped it would become a prosperous and beautiful ...
Quang Ninh – Ha Noi: Coordination to make breakthroughs
17/08/2019 14: 35:00
Ha Noi and Quang Ninh play vital roles and strategic location in terms of economic development, national security and defense, foreign affairs in the cause of building and protecting the country. These important localities are defined as development pole in the key economic region of the North. In a spirit of “co-ordination for mutual development”, the achievements of the two localities have greatly contributed to general development of the northern region and the ...
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